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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What can we help you with? Start with the following frequently asked questions.
  1. How can I go about obtaining a visa or travel document (Laissez-Passer) to travel to Cameroon?
    Where can I find the application forms and requirements?
    Can I obtain the forms if I come in person to the Embassy?

You should start the process by downloading the application form and requirements for visa or travel document (Laissez-Passer) that are available here. These documents will provide you with the necessary information including the application procedure, the processing times, and the required documentation.

The Embassy does not provide application forms or requirements on-site to users. You will not obtain the forms by coming in person to the Embassy. Please download them from the Embassy website.

  1. Can I schedule an appointment with the Consular Section by email, mail, fax, or by coming in person to the Embassy?

No. Appointments CANNOT be scheduled by email, mail or fax, or in person at the Embassy.
Appointments can only be scheduled by calling the appointment line at (202) 286-0984.

  1. I live in a state far away from Washington, DC, and coming to the Embassy in DC is very challenging.
    Is there any other Cameroonian consular office in the United States?

No, there is no other Cameroonian consular office in the United States.
However, Cameroon has Honorary Consulates in Houston (Texas) and San Francisco (California); but they do not deal with consular matters.

Users are advised to contact the Embassy in Washington, DC for all consular inquiries.

  1. I am concerned about purchasing my flight ticket to Cameroon without having been issued a visa by the Embassy.
    To be safe, can I submit my application without a flight itinerary and purchase my ticket later, once a visa is granted to me? Or am I required to pay for my flight before applying for the visa?

Please be advised that any application submitted without a flight reservation is incomplete and cannot be processed. Failing to provide a complete application package will lead to the rejection of your request and induce additional processing delays.

You are not required to purchase your flight ticket before applying for the visa. You are advised NOT TO purchase your flight ticket beforehand. Indeed, the Consular Section will equally accept a confirmation of flight reservation made with the airline or through a travel agent. It is also advisable to consider securing your flight reservation by adding trip insurance.

  1. I do not currently have proof of yellow fever immunization but I heard that I can get the yellow fever vaccine at the airport in Cameroon? Can I obtain an entry visa from the Embassy and do the vaccine upon arrival?

No. Proof of yellow fever immunization is required when submitting the visa application package.
A request lacking this item is incomplete and will lead to the rejection of the file as a whole.

  1. My flight has already been booked and I just realized that my departure date is in less than seven (7) business days. I have provided my flight itinerary showing my departure date. Can the processing of my file be expedited? Will my departure date be taken into consideration during this process?

The Embassy does not offer expedited processing. Seven (7) business days ? starting on the day following receipt of your application at the Embassy ? are required for the processing of visa and travel document requests. Given the huge volume of requests that the Consular Section handles on a daily basis, and considering the various steps involved in processing visa and travel document requests, the prescribed seven business days are necessary and it is not possible to consider the departure date as a reason for expediting the processing of a file.

  1. If I schedule an appointment and come in person to apply for a visa or travel document, can it be issued the same day?

No. There is no same-day processing at the Embassy for visas or travel documents.
Applicants who submit their requests in person will get a receipt indicating the scheduled pickup date and time for their documents.

  1. I have heard that some embassies charge an expedited processing fee to users who wish to have their visa, travel document, or passport renewal request processed faster. I am willing to pay an extra fee for my application. Is it possible?

No. The Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon does not offer expedited processing for any application. This implies that there is no extra fee that one may pay to speed up the process.

  1. I have an emergency and need a visa, travel document or a passport renewal urgently.
    I know a person who knows the staff of the Embassy and who assured me that for a fee, he can have my application processed faster. Is this information accurate?

No. Please be advised that any person suggesting that they can procure a visa, a travel document or a passport renewal faster for an extra fee is not authorized to do so by the Embassy, that such solicitations are strictly prohibited by Cameroonian Law and Regulations and will lead to adverse actions/outcomes during the processing of requests identified as originating from unauthorized channels.

  1. Is it true that there are people or companies who can guarantee the issuance of a Cameroonian visa, influence, or expedite the process?

No. Any such affirmation is and should be considered fraudulent. The processing of a visa application at the Embassy is done on the basis of equity.

  1. I am a citizen or permanent resident in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica or the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Can I get a visa upon arrival in Cameroon?

No. You are required to request for a visa at the Embassy in Washington, DC before traveling to Cameroon. Be advised that failing to secure a visa prior to travel may result in your being denied boarding your departing flight, or in denial of entry by Border Police Authorities at your arrival in Cameroon.

  1. I submitted my visa application by mail but have not received an email notification regarding the processing of my file. Is there a problem?

No. Be advised that email notifications are not mandatory; they are system-generated during the processing of your request but spelling or other errors may occur, resulting in a courtesy email not being properly sent. It is important therefore, for applicants to enable themselves to monitor their packages by retaining the tracking numbers on the original package sent to the Embassy, and the return package.

  1. I submitted my application by mail and just received an email notification that my visa has been granted. My travel date is fast approaching. Can I come to pick up my passport in person?

No. You may not come to pick up your passport in person. As indicated in email notifications, for applications submitted by mail, the return package will be mailed once the processing is complete.

  1. Can I pick up my documents (visa, travel document, certification or legalization request) in person if I sent my request by mail?

No. For requests received by mail, the document requested will be mailed using the trackable return envelope that must be included in your original file, as outlined in the ?Application Procedure? section of the requirements pertaining to the type of document requested.

  1. Can I renew my Cameroonian national identity card at the embassy in Washington, dc?

No. Cameroonian national identity cards can only be renewed in Cameroon.

  1. My application was returned with a request for additional evidence/documentation, can I resubmit the completed file in person? Will my file be processed faster that way?

If your file was returned with a request for additional evidence and you would like to resubmit the completed file in person, please call the appointment line at (202) 286-0984 to schedule an appointment with the Consular Section. Please note that even in this case, there will be no expedited processing for your file.

  1. I was issued an entry visa previously but cancelled that trip. Can I still use that visa for traveling later or will I have to request for another visa?

Please contact the Consular Section at (202) 265-8790, Extension 113 or 303 to discuss this matter with a staff member.

  1. I was issued an entry visa but my travel plans have changed. I will now be departing at a sooner/later date different from the validity date on my visa. What should I do?

Please contact the Consular Section at (202) 265-8790, Extension 113 or 303 to discuss this matter with a staff member.

  1. Why was I issued a single-entry visa when I requested for multiple entries.

Please contact the Consular Section at (202) 265-8790, Extension 113 or 303 to discuss this matter with a staff member.

  1. I have a set of photos remaining from the last time I applied for a visa. Can I use those photos the next time I apply for a visa?

No. Please provide a new set of passport-size color photographs with your new application file.

  1. I am a naturalized U.S. citizen of Cameroonian origin. I recently renewed my U.S. passport and applied for a Cameroonian visa. The Embassy requested that I surrender my former Cameroonian passport, which I had done in the past as I was requesting for a visa. What should I do?

You should submit evidence of prior travels/visas to Cameroon such as photocopies of previous U.S. passport(s) and Cameroonian entry visa(s).

  1. My Cameroonian passport is expired or will soon be expired. How can I go about renewing it? How soon should I start the process?

You should start the process by downloading the application form and requirements passport that are available here. This will provide the necessary information including the application procedure, the processing times, and the required documentation.

You may begin this process one year before your current passport expires, or anytime after your passport has expired. Please note that passport appointments are typically booked several months in advance and therefore there may be a significant wait time until the scheduled date for a passport appointment. The Consular Section therefore advises users to plan their visit early in order to account for such delays.

  1. Can I send my passport application by mail if I already have a biometric passport? Can I get an extension of the date of validity on my current or expired biometric passport?

No. Passport applications must be submitted in person only. Cameroonian biometric passports CANNOT be extended, but only renewed. It is now prohibited to extend the validity date on Cameroonian passports; at the completion of the renewal process, a new booklet will eventually be issued to the recipient.

  1. Why is my physical presence required at the Embassy for the passport renewal process?

Your physical presence at the Embassy allows the Consular Section to physically identify you, and to capture biometric elements such as your fingerprints and height. This enables the Consular Section to certify to Cameroonian Authorities in charge of issuing new biometric passports, that you are alive (because you have been seen at the Embassy), and that you are the person who produced the documents in the application file that is subsequently forwarded to Cameroon for further processing involving identity verification.

  1. I do not have my original birth certificate but only a photocopy? Will it be accepted for the passport application?

No. If you do not have your original birth certificate, you must obtain the following set of documents from the town/city hall of the area where your original birth certificate was established, prior to coming to your passport appointment:

  • A Certified True Copy of the Birth Certificate,

  • A Certificate of Conformity and Existence of the birth certificate confirming that a leaf of the original birth certificate exists and is available within the archives of the town/city hall. The original copies will be forwarded to Cameroon as part of the dossier and both documents must be dated less than 3 months at the time of your application.

  1. Once I have submitted my passport application, can I retrieve my file and send it myself to Cameroon?

No. You cannot collect your file from the Embassy to forward it yourself to Cameroon.

  1. I have applied for the renewal of my passport several months ago but have yet to receive a notification. How will know when my passport is available? How can I get an update about my passport application?

When your passport becomes available, the Consular Section will send you an email notification to that effect.

To inquire about updates concerning the processing of your passport application, please contact a Consular Section staff member at (202) 265-8790, Extension 113 or 303.

  1. I have scheduled an appointment to submit my passport application. How much time will I spend at the Embassy on the appointment day?

You may expect to spend a few hours at the Embassy the day of your appointment. If possible, please consider freeing up your schedule for that day to account for unforeseen delays due to extraordinary circumstances.